Traffic Permission

There are no restrictions as regards using the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road on the Austrian side right up to the summit

However, due to the steep, narrow road conditions and bridge constructions on the Italian side, the following restrictions apply:
  • Cars and motorcycles are permitted
  • Motor homes and small lorries are permitted - max. gross weight 8 tons, max. width 2.55 m, max. height 4 m
  • Small buses are permitted – max. overall length 10 m, max. gross weight 8 tons
  • Buses with an overall length of over 10 m or a gross weight exceeding 8 tons are not permitted
  • Lorries with an overall weight exceeding 8 tons are not permitted
  • Trailers with a length over 4.5 me are not permitted


Cyclists who use the Timmelsjoch Pass do so at their own risk! Bicycle lights are compulsory.