Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road can be reached normally!

Since last Tuesday, the B186 Ötztalstraße - and thus the access to the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road from the north - has been closed after a rock fall and several mudslides between the leak gallery and the gorge gallery. As of this Friday, the B186 Ötztalstraße can be opened to traffic again without restriction.

Big thanks to the state of Tyrol for the quick clean-up and renovation work!
The two-lane opening was made possible by day and now also by night thanks to rapid progress in the clearing and renovation work - so the catch basin could be completely cleared and the protective dam increased. As a precautionary measure, the affected slope is checked twice a day by the Imst building district office. “After the street cleaning, which now takes place at noon, the Ötztalstraße between the Leckgalerie and the Klammgalerie can be reopened in two lanes around the clock, as long as there are no further events at the affected area. In order to ensure traffic safety as well as possible, the Imst building district office will therefore check the affected slope twice a day,” informs Bernd Stigger, head of the Imst building district office. “We succeeded in completely emptying the fully filled collecting basin and raising the existing dam with concrete screens as additional protection. Thus, all security requirements of the state geology are met. "

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Ready for a ride over the Timmelsjoch?

Daily from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


29.8.21 – the 40th Ötztal Cycling Marathon!
Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road can be reached normally!
Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road is open!
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